Nora Fatehi calls Neha Kakkar a 'gem' in an old video; says, 'Neha ke bina music industry kuch nahi hai' sparking hilarious memes

There's no doubt that singer Neha Kakkar is now on the wishlist of many music directors. She currently rules the Bollywood playback roost with an array of superhit songs including Aankh marey, Dilbar, O Saki Saki and Garmi. Dancer-actress Nora Fatehi has also made her mark with a series of special dance numbers in Bollywood films, and many of her big dance hits have been voiced by Neha Kakkar. But when Nora said on India's Best Dancer that the music industry is nothing without Neha, netizens couldn't believe what she just said.
An old clip of Nora and Neha from India's Best Dancer has been doing the rounds of the social media. In the video, Nora can't stop gushing about Neha and her singing skills. "Neha Kakkar is a gem, Neha ke bina music industry kuch nahi hai," says Nora while Neha quietly listens to her every compliment.
But Nora's statement on Neha left netizens in a state of shock. They couldn't believe what Nora said about Neha. Her statement have now sparked hilarious memes wherein people are brutally trolling Nora on social media.

Nora- Neha Kakkar is a gem of music industry

My vote is to Harmonium Chacha :)))
Abhi (@Abhi_VRao) January 13, 2021

Nora Fatehi: Neha kakkar is a gem, uske bina music industry kuch nahi hai

Sarcasm Industry (@Sarcasmindustry) January 13, 2021

Nora - Neha kakkar is a gem ....
Public to Nora -

M B (@RjSam06424418) January 12, 2021

Neha kakkar India ka gem hai ?

Harish (@surkastik) January 12, 2021

Nora Fatehi:- "Neha kakkar is gem, Neha ke bina music industry kuch nahi hai".

Script writer:- *of India's best dancer*
Sarcasto (@Sarco69) January 12, 2021

Nora Fatehi:- Neha kakkar is gem, Neha ke bina music industry kuch nahi hai

arijit singh, tony kakkar, b parak etc rn
(@Abhinav_321) January 12, 2021
During the retro special episode of India's Best Dancer, Nora had said that she feels there is something magical about the way Neha sings. "There is something magical in Neha's voice. It does something to us as artistes. There are a lot of singers who have amazing voice but she has something else, which cannot be explained," said Nora, adding that when Neha sings she feels "there is so much energy".
She had further added, "I feel lucky that I have been chosen to perform on her songs. Whenever I get a song, I get very excited knowing that it's Neha's as we know it will be a big hit and that I will be performing on a beautiful voice, not all artistes get a chance to do that."

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